Fuel Cells: Current Technology Challenges And Future Research Needs


This is a one of a kind, definitive reference source for technical students and researchers, government policymakers, and business leaders. Fuel Cells, Current Technology Challenges and Future Research Needs provides an overview of past and present initiatives to improve and commercialize fuel cell technologies. It offers context and analysis to help potential investors assess current fuel cell commercialization activities and future prospects. Most importantly, it gives top executive policymakers and company presidents detailed policy recommendations as to what should be done to successfully commercialize fuel cell technologies.


  • Reviews government, corporate, and research institutions’ policies and programs related to fuel cell development and their effect on the success or failure of fuel cell programs at corporations and research institutions
  • Provides a clear and unbiased picture of current fuel cell research programs
  • Outlines future research needs
  • Describes the specific, internal corporate and academic fuel cell R&D activities, levels of investment, strategies for technology acquisition, and reasons for success and failure
  • Offers concrete policy recommendations

ISBN: 978-0-444-56325-5

Published December, 2012

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